Why No Last Name Suffix?

We automatically report all of your course completions to the California Department of Insurance (CDI). CDI's computers compare the bail agent's license number to the last name on each course completion record we send them. Their system does not allow for a suffix to be attached to the last name (like "Jr.", "II", "III"). If you enter a suffix with your last name, your course completion records will not be accepted by CDI's computers.

We know that there are many families in the bail business, and often fathers and sons work together and use the suffix on their last names to prevent confusion. However, as long as the correct license number has been entered for each student, the suffix is not required for CDI to assign the course completion to the correct bail agent (CDI uses the last name and license number to identify you and does not need the suffix and will reject a course completion submitted with a suffix on the last name).

If you put a suffix on your last name when you register, we may not be able to report your course completions to the Department of Insurance on time which may prevent your license from being renewed. This is CDI's requirement, not ours, so please follow their rules.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at Customer Service.

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